Monday, September 17, 2012

Back from a little pause

I love this contiguous existence of mordern and old.

I am back from my summer holidays. We've been to Valencia, such a lovely city, but also soo warm! Walking around the city the shadows guided our way. I am also back from the first weeks of stress of being back into the daily work life. But although it is a bit stressy it´s going great and I also took a decision for the near future, I enroled to a postgraduate study. 

Also, on Saturday I went to a concert of this great voice and I think it was the first time I went to concert alone. I was a bit afraid whether I could really enjoy it or if I wouldn´t miss to share the moment with someone and whether I wouldn't feel to uncomfortable....but I had fun! Maybe also because she danced and had a good moment on the stage in a way that you didn't felt alone?!

Have a good start into a new week!

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  1. Tienes una estupenda selección de blogs a la derecha.Creo que me he guardado todos en favoritos.Y ver el mio entre ellos es increíble! Mil gracias!