Thursday, November 22, 2012

El Viaje / The Journey

Two weeks ago my postgraduate course started and we get to listen to a very wise and lovely man, reviewing and comenting us his professional life and giving some little advices on our way to become good professionals too. They say that when he once was asked what is his goal in life, he responded 'to be a good person'. This could seem a little pathetic. But this man is not pathetic at all. From this short moment I spent with him I would say this man reached his goal.
Thinking of people and working with people the question rises, who or what is a person? He summerized that it is not only the body, not only the brain or the the interactions that makes a person, is his/her life-journey. So, "I'll go on my journey, and dreaming I will depart. I know that I don´t know who I am anymore and even where I will go. But, I konw that a journey is dicovery"

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